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I would like to invite you into the Soul Circle – a sacred space for our soul tribe to gather and connect, to tune into source, into ourselves, and into our guides, discovering our truth, our purpose, and our power.

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Meet Katie

Meet Katie

Intuitive Channel & Guide

Katie is a powerful channel for angels and guides, constantly receiving communication from them in the form of specific and general messages for humankind, and also life-changing guidance for people with whom she works.

Since her first angelic encounter in 2001 Katie has been able to communicate with both angels and other spirits and beings of light, including her own personal guide, Shimlaya. This communication has impacted all areas of Katie’s life and helped her on her own awakening journey, and she has now dedicated herself to using her gifts to support, uplift, heal, and inspire others.

She does this through her services such as Intuitive Coaching, Angel Card Readings, Healing Packages, and more.

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