The question to Shimlaya:

We’re living in very strange times and it’s difficult in different ways for all of us. What would you advise us to do, to keep ourselves in a reasonable state?

Dearest one, firstly let me say that there are many things our beloveds can do to help keep themselves in a reasonable state.

The first thing I’m going to suggest may sound very obvious – it is to breathe and to breathe deeply. I see so many of you, our dearest ones, breathing quite shallowly, and that does not bring a sense of calmness, safety or wellbeing. There is tension when the breath is shallow, and the mind looks for ways to confirm that there is something wrong.

Breathing more deeply helps soothe and calm the nervous system. Whatever you do from that calmer, more relaxed state of being will be a higher choice than it would be from the background feeling of stress, tension and anxiety.
Breathing more deeply will steady your heart and mind, enhancing your experience of life.

Secondly, make sure you communicate with each other. We can see that many of you feel as though there is a forced, imposed isolation, yet that does not mean that you need to feel stranded.

In truth, you are always connected. Any other feeling is a misunderstanding of who and what you are.

Find ways in which to connect with, talk with and support each other. You may wish to talk about how you are finding your present situation, and ask how your friend is finding it for them.

You see, once you dear ones feel understood, a sense of relaxation flows through your being, a feeling of: ‘Ah yes, someone understands’, and that dissolves the feeling of isolation. Feeling heard and understood brings great healing. And also, how can you make those connections more fun? Allow yourself to explore the many ways they can be.

The third thing is the practical ways you can take very good care of yourselves. Many have felt so rushed in daily life that they have fallen out of the habit and harmony of treating their bodies kindly – and their minds and emotions too. These are all in your care, and we encourage you to tend to these aspects of yourself and treat them well.

For example, it is possible to have some control over what it is that you ingest. Now is a good time to bring some more calmness and care into this area. There is no need to rush and just throw something together for a meal. Do it with the intention of taking good care of yourself and others, and allow yourself to receive the same grace when someone else does the preparation. This will help you to feel well fed on a number of levels, and a greater sense of ease can flow through your being.

Finally, there is more time and space for many (not all, as many of our dear ones are needed in what they’re doing). For those of you who do have that time and space, may we suggest that you use it to pick up the pursuits and hobbies that have been elbowed out and put down, because life became too full.

What is it that you truly enjoy?

What is it that you would like to do, or would like to try? When you allow yourself to explore these areas without judgement, you will feel a fuller version of you.

Many do not feel as if they are living a fulfilling life, but when you partake in things that make you feel a bit more fulfilled, a sense of upliftment and ease flow through your being. This becomes a part of you, and so you are bigger and fuller, with a greater sense of happiness.

And if you have forgotten what you enjoy, let this be a time of play and exploration. You can’t go wrong, for you will simply be discovering more about yourself: ‘Ah, I like doing this.’ ‘Oh no, I don’t enjoy this – I wonder what else I could try?’

Maybe it’s dancing, painting, reading, learning, knitting, exercising, singing, writing, playing an instrument, or meditating – or something else that springs to mind. You decide.. And have fun!