Dear Hearts, We see concern among those of you who do not feel as though you have discovered your life’s true purpose. We bring joyous news; you are so precious and need not worry so. Let Us give surety that you are not failing in our eyes. This is your time. We encourage you to breathe away your worries and concerns, creating space for fresh newness to enter. A simply reminder: worrisome thoughts only serve to confuse you; they do not enhance your light or encourage your expressive flow. It is difficult to discover yourself, when you are in a space of grasping. Let your discovery arise by fully acknowledging your beauty, your presence in the world, and the love your magnificent heart emanates. Listen inwardly, creating this as a daily practice greatly assists your ability to become aware of your heart’s inner wisdom.

Love is the creative essence from which your Consciousness sprung forth. We encourage you to allow the purity of love to wash through you. To assist many, let us say that loving emotions are often born of loving thoughts. Loving thoughts guide you to Truth. You are guided in each and every step you make. You are a sensor of Truth, an expression of the Divine. When your thoughts inspire confidence and feelings of your limitless self, of love, joy, and expansion– it is because your inner self is responding to Truth. These feelings are an indication that your thoughts are in accordance with your Soul-self. A mighty guide indeed. So then, when your thoughts are doubtful or heavy, it is another helpful indication of the misalignment to Truth; be relieved that you do not need to give these thoughts any more of your time or attention.

You are here now with every other divine being… Breathe and allow your heart to open to the whole. We smile as we invite you to remember: being open to the world opens the world to you. In Truth the divide is but an illusion, as you are all connected in myriad ways. We remind you now that there is a place and infinite space for all of you. Let us assist you in lifting your hearts and minds to the enchanting world around you, so that you can see that which you wish to see more clearly; bringing your focus and attention away from the illusion that you have not found your reason for being here. We reminded you of this: Your presence, love, light, and strength bless the entire world. Let Us gently remind you that “like attracts like” Our Divine Ones. You attract those that harmonise with your current energy.

We encourage you to awaken to the infinite beauty of the earth and all that live upon her. Be full of wonder to the sounds, sights, smells, tastes, textures. Breathe in the colours around you; drink the purity of light, washing away concerns that are blocking your path. As you allow concerns to fade, you find that your heart and mind do indeed lighten; opening you up to the ever-present flow of joy and inspiration. You are in the process of re-enchanting your path of awakening…what tremendous joy! What wonder! What better reason to celebrate! Without your concerns, you are free to remember: you remember that you are free. You are free to explore the perfection of YOU, of your gifts…. especially your gift of CHOICE. We encourage you to do this often, Beloved. Your ability to prolong such an abundant experience of seeing, feeling, knowing life’s richness and beauty increases as you lift your awareness to these more rewarding natural heights.

You are magnificence made manifest! If you find that you are within a space of sadness and frustration looking for purpose and longing for its arrival, let Us bring comfort… life can be infinitely simpler and more exciting than you have allowed yourself to believe. We laugh and encourage to you laugh with us. You are a being of Love! Whatever you focus upon while feeling love and appreciation, gives your life Great meaning and Great purpose, you become a living, breathing, walking blessing. Your purpose is connected to service, pondering the question ‘how can I serve?’ is most enlightening.

We encourage you to call to your mind the blessings in your current life; they need not be hidden. When you bless your life with love and gratitude no matter where you find your sweet, self, your thoughts pertaining to your present circumstances shift, altering your personal experience. Know that your energy then begins to realign. You begin to lift from illusions of stuckness, wrongness or victimhood, and of longing to discover… and instead move into the discovery itself. A vision quest is most enlightening… so ask yourself then: what vision does my heart speak of? Long for? Listen, explore, engage… let your discovery be a grand adventure. You may more easily and majestically shine peaceful strength, aligning your thoughts with your soul’s desires and inspirations.

Being true to yourself awakens you to the wonders of life. In Truth you need not answer to any other. To believe that “you must” is simply an indication of your thoughts’ misalignment to your soul self, a forgetting of who you are. We assure you that there are indeed many, many gifts within you… Revel in that! How delightful that you are so gifted! There are those gifts that lay dormant and unfold as you reach new stages of consciousness, others are awaiting your recognition. There are the gifts you use currently, and are ready to strengthen and there are the gifts you are aware of and are ready to now use. How we laugh and remind you of your limitlessness. Give yourselves permission to shine brightly.

We see that many are desiring to find their purpose as it relates to a professional means. We smile as we gently remind you that not all of your life’s path is dependent on being fulfilled in this way. Let your life express your higher purpose, and your work naturally begins to shift into alignment with that purpose. We are your teachers of the Purity of Love and the enfoldment of Truth, and we are here to guide you to the richly rewarding experience of your awakening. We are ready to guide you to that which inspires you the most. We see your importance, your innate value, and the beauty of your unique contribution to the whole. That is not only by means of profession. You are here to truly shine, to live your life discovering deeper aspects of your soul by the simplicity of love and enjoyment. Let this be your guide. What moves you? What motivates you? What empowers you? Such delightful fun to discover these answers …what shining clarity this can bring!

This discovery ignites your hearts to propel you forth with passion. There are no limits here. Look not to what would be of greater financial gain, as you would only be building a weak foundation. You may unknowingly create financial abundance and, at the same time, emotional poverty. Is it worth it? We guide you to abundance in all ways, always. It is not beyond your ability to experience this. Let this lighten your thoughts and your heart.

We gladly remind you of the wonder of YOU…. that you are an extension of Source, a beautiful part of creation. The Divine cannot be lost or confused, weakened, made poor or intimidated. We are here to help you to be clear on what it is you truly wish to create. The truest desires of your heart. How we smile and say that it is your heart that holds your greatest awareness. We speak not of your physical or emotional heart, we speak of your heart’s centre, shining bright within the centre of your chest. When it is unimpeded, it radiates through your bodies with surety, ease, and grace. Let Us further assist you to awaken your awareness to your inner calling; that calling that springs forth from your heart and soul.

Gently close your eyes…. breathe, centring your sweet self and clearing your mind. Remember there is no hurry. With the power of your intention, consciously send away all energies of the mistaken thoughts and projections of others. . Send them forth for healing and transmutation. With the simplicity of intention, send away all energies that do not belong to you; release them to their rightful time and place. All is well. Allow your awareness to drift down into your heart. Breathe, from this space of love. Relax. Let go. You are free. Some may benefit from visualising themselves removing any obstacles, knowing that they are now gone. Ask your inner self what it wishes to be, do, have, and experience. Let it show you. Opening, trusting, listening, feeling, be open to the many ways that your answers may arise. You need not analyse, simply have fun as you receive. You may simply need to practise resting in your hearts, adjusting to its awareness before the authentic answers arise.

For others, from your beautiful heart space, let it also link with your imagination, let it unfold. Your soul self can more easily reach you here, through your gift of imagination. That is the sacred purpose of imagination. It does not matter if you are unclear at first. We remind you to play! Relax, enriching your vision, your feelings, your knowing. Play, Beloved, let this be a most rewarding game! Empower your experience by increasing your feelings of joy. What images or understanding does this inspire? Add colours, sounds… let them become clearer and clearer. It matters not if there are no images; let your other senses speak to you. Feel, see, or hear the types of environment you wish to work in, the people you will encounter, what you wish to be, do, have. Allow your heart, mind, and spirit to expand and align you to the experience. Energise your emotions, aligning your path to the physical experience you are in the process of creating. We laugh merrily and say there are no limits to your allowance of this.

Once you are clear, remind yourself often of that which you are in the process of creating, to that which is on its way to you and you to it. We support your enjoyment of life. Be at ease, dear Loved Ones, it is much easier to do so without the shadow of doubt to send out conflicting thoughts. Play with the ways that heal your doubts. As we look upon you, all we see are many methods of assistance. We encourage you to play until you discover the method that feels right. For some, we see that you would benefit greatly from loving your insecurities, your doubts. Bless them with compassion so that they do not struggle to be heard. They are but only a part of you calling out for love and reassurance. Love them, yet do not fall into alignment with them. Loving them unites your inner self, loving them refocuses on your heart’s desires. Where there is acceptance, conflict cannot remain. We remind you that you are an alchemist, bringing them into your power-full hearts for transformation.

For others, we see that consciously stopping them, dismissing them from your minds would assist you greatly. Remind yourself of the incandescent truth. Laugh at the contrast from your fears to your inner knowing. For many, laughing would assist. Laughing is a way of ‘correcting’ your fears and aligning them to that which you know. Your fears are not reflections of truth; they are only your ego’s illusions.

Your true nature is loving and adventurous. Allow yourself to delight in the richness of life, sing and celebrate as your heart opens to hold a greater capacity for love. You have chosen your path well, we congratulate you on moving into deeper purpose and we thank you for the honour of being with you.

Channelled by Katie Speed
Copyright Katie Speed