I am feeling the title of this segment could be clearer…Something like: Seeing the Truth of Missed Opportunities…Transforming Feelings of Missed Opportunities… There Are No Missed Opportunities…A Universe of Infinite Opportunity… Or, I am sure you will have some more ideas!

Be at ease Divine Ones, your world is delightfully rich with opportunities. Let Us assure you that nothing is ever truly lost. Should you find your sweet self-fearing that you have missed a potentially great opportunity never to surface again, we bring wondrous news and assure you that you need not fret. . We smile as we say that there is no reason to cling to discomfort. You need not prolong any feelings of sadness or fall into disillusionment, smile at such thoughts and simply breathe. From Our clear vision we see that all is well. You are not limited with one, two thirty or even a thousand opportunities throughout the unfolding of your life. Indeed not! For in truth there is no limit to the wonders you may experience or to the surprises you may encounter. Let Us say that the only limit is that which you mistakenly place upon yourself and within your world. We see that many have unknowingly constricted their options by believing in limitation… yet we delight in telling you that you can indeed embrace the arrival of many, many more glorious opportunities!
We tenderly hear your words; many continue to speak of the disappointments they have suffered, the reasons why their losses are important. Beloved, we love you so dearly, we are here to assist and we clearly see that this keeps you within a perpetual space of loss. We gently ask, why cling to disharmony when there is a more joyous and rewarding way of being? We remind you: you are a sensor of truth. The reason beliefs of lack, loss, ‘should have been mine’ or ‘too late’, do not feel comfortable is because they are not in harmony with your soul’s truth.
Divine One, surrender these mistaken beliefs, do not carry them within you. They are only a burden to your precious heart. Breathe, and allow such illusions to fall away with ease. Release them like an inner opening of a closed hand, so that you have the space to learn all that this opportunity has to offer you. Your willingness opens your hearts and minds. Breathe Gentle Ones, breathe deeply and allow your minds to clear with each breath. A time of release and lightened introspection may be at hand. Has it shown you the limit of the worth you have placed upon yourself? The gift then is to see yourself, to know yourself with greater love, confidence and compassion. Is it inviting you to update the version you hold of who you are? Is it showing you the contrast to that which your heart desires, so that you may more clearly choose to grow into new heights and richer unfolding’s? To be crystal clear of that which you are ready to release? Is it assisting in helping you uncover resistance to your idea of success? There are many possibilities, and these are blessed gifts indeed. Explore them, inquire within, and allow your inner being to grow richer with all of your blessed discoveries.
Many of you are discovering that which does not feel right to your inner self. You can assist your sensitivity to greater awareness by drawing your awareness within, asking what your true self wishes for you to learn and grow through, so that you may rise into clearer heights. Trust that each experience is assisting your path of awakening. We remind you of the wisdom of your soul’s intentions; in that, there are no mistakes. Is your soul self clearing the way for something infinitely more suited to you, infinitely more joyous? We assure you: the answer is yes.
Forgiveness is most freeing for you. Allow yourself to be clear and free by forgiving yourself for perceived mistakes, forgiving others for the parts they have played. You are then consciously purifying yourself, undoing binds that restrict you, freeing you once again, and opening your wings to soar. We ask that you do not be harsh upon your sweet self, but allow your compassion and gentleness to soothe your inner being. We encourage you to assist the raising of your self- value so that it is in harmony with your soul’s song. Stay open to the world, and let life reflect this openness back to you. It can and it will in myriad ways. It is your choice, Our Beloved.
We see the importance for you to do that which inspires you with the enjoyment and appreciation of life! Life’s many splendours align yourself to joyous currents, moving within you and guiding you to new opportunities and adventures. How delightful you are! Come now, see this too. Take part in experiences that feed your spirit, truly acknowledging that you are deserving of a life full of wonder and fluid movement, like the dance of a river. We laugh as we remind you that one soul-being is not more deserving than another, as that other is YOU!
To Our Sweet Ones that have forgotten, Let Us remind you that you do indeed have what it takes, open your hearts and minds to your heart, and the new. You need not turn away. Allow this experience to assist you to create an energetic shift that draws you closer to your heart’s sacred call. It is not important where or when you were born…. you are here, that is more than enough. It is time to allow yourself to be all that you can be, there is so much to your beautiful being. You need no longer doubt yourself. Allow yourself to see the dazzling beauty of your contributions to your fellow companions.
We warmly remind you that whatever you think about effects your emotions. That, which you think and feel with enough consistency, shapes your path, your energy molds to the experience of it. There becomes a mutual pull from your path, due to your mutual alignment. Bringing this into your awareness actually is most empowering for you… as you may then consciously set the creative tone of your life, greatly influencing and molding your experiences. Where do you place your focus?
We see that there are many amongst you that do not know what they intend in life. They do not know their hearts’ truest desires. Let Us warmly remind you that you are indeed co-creators. We encourage you tune in, and become clear on the direction you wish your life to flow. For some, we see that you would be assisted by these words: that, which you give your emotional energy to, becomes your experience.
Let Us remind you that when you are ready, when your thoughts and emotions are in accordance with opportunities’ arrival, it is there. You attract to you new opportunities as you are open to them you are attracted to them, and they are attracted to you. Trust yourself Beloved, if you have an inner prompting to go forth or to wait– heed its call. Your inner prompting may be to have a greater appreciation for all that you have, Heed this call, it may be to make a phone call, send an email, to attend the occasion, a ,seminar, or an event, join a class or attend a party. You may not understand the reasons why, yet we remind you to be curious, trust yourself and surrender your doubts. Trust that there is a more wondrous unfolding for you to enjoy, expand in, and share your gifts with the world.
For some of Our Loved Ones, We see that it would be a most empowering time for you to let this experience be a way for you to deeply re-claim your life. Let this be a mighty gift. Acknowledge what has passed without the heavy burden of blame. Become aware of how important it is for you to stand within the centre of your lives and embrace responsibility. Embrace your true glorious power. Allow yourself to expand into your life, into your time of being. There is no limit to who you are, so allow your lives to express this. We stand with you and are here to support you.

Channelled by Katie Speed