Let Us speak to you of the importance of communication. To be open to communication is to invite access to deeper ’ levels of intimacy with yourself and your fellow companions.

We see that many of Our Beloveds do not find self expression easy; yet let Us warmly assure you that there is no need to be overly concerned. Your willingness and commitment to truthful expression are all that is needed for your higher ways of Being to arise from within.

We are here with you always; ready to assist in your emergence, should you simply ask. Emerging into any new area can at first seem uncomfortable or daunting, yet we gladly assure you that with commitment and encouragement the discomfort will pass, transforming into a simpler and more rewarding way of Being.

We see that from your tender time of infancy you were born into stories. Stories of times passed rooted in hi-story. [note: is that intentional: ‘hi-story’ with a hyphen?] Generations of stories blending into ‘how to be’ with each new and unique interpretation. If the sharing of what was on your mind and within your heart was not encouraged in your childhood story, we lovingly remind you that it can now be a part of your present life. It can be a most freeing part of your life. It can bring much clarity to what your heart most deeply desires. Within the sharing arises ripples of healing energy that flow in all directions, from deep within your own being, touching what has passed, and awakening your potential for what CAN NOW BE. Previously held ‘blocks’ are swept away, enhancing your ability to be your natural authentic self. Such joy!

For others, We see that throughout your journey, you learned how to suppress what you were feeling, as you did not feel safe enough to share. Much was kept locked inside, creating disquiet and unrest within. Inner conflicts were not resolved. Many of our Dear Ones unconsciously attract opportunities to change this pattern; to see, sense and respond in new ways. [From your place of not understanding we see that this was not always so.<--- I feel this sentence needs to be clarified.] We love you dearly and are here to assist in gently opening to yourselves and to your life in all its wondrous forms. Holding tight is most uncomfortable, is it not? You have the strength. Give it space to grow brighter and brighter.. Let us begin with your dear sweet self. We invite you to make a space each and every day to attune to your inner calling. For a loving fulfilling life you must hear and heed its call. This takes a very delicate listening. Sometimes your calling speaks in a very quiet voice. We encourage you to make a home of love and safety within your gentle being. It need not be for long, yet this very practice is a master key to unlocking flow. In silence, the once forgotten and the once denied at last have a voice. It is difficult to express yourself, to know yourself when you do not know what it is that you wish to say. Allow time and space, allow your relationship with your heart to deepen and expand. Cultivate this blessed relationship, tend to it as the wisdom of your heart can be a trustworthy dear best friend. It is indeed time to make your story .YOUR OWN You are your own author. Such rich power you have! We gladly remind you that this is Your Life. We encourage you to claim it, Gentle One, and know that it is richly rewarding to do so. You have nothing to fear. It is wondrous, is it not... you may choose how it is that you would like to be, knowing that we of these finer realms will always support you. To communicate your true feelings, thoughts, and ideas is infinitely more life-affirming, and in truth, life-enhancing than keeping your.- gifts locked within. For others, we salute your ability to communicate with ease, Let us encourage you to move deeper now, deeper into the quality of conversation and other forms of communication. Let yourself be ready. There is much depth to your beautiful Being, there is much for you to share. Gently close your eyes and listen to your breathing, allow it to calm and soothe you... you are becoming clearer. Inhaling peace, exhaling all you do not need in this moment. Breathe. Simply breathe! Moving your awareness within, and gently down to your heart space, becoming aware of the exquisite light radiating from the centre of your chest. Simply be with yourself…delicately listen, and rest. An emotion, or a thought, or idea may surface, or it may not... an inner voice may speak, or it may not. Release expectations dear one, you may simply benefit more greatly by attuning yourself to your inner world, and yes, it is important for you to do so. With time and space graciously given to you, what was once hidden can come into the light of your welcoming awareness. It is magnificent to behold. We see how your energy patterns being to glow, soften, open widely, and transform. Just as a silk bow unties -- as does that which has been held tight, any communicative ‘blocks’ to self projected into the world begin to lighten and unravel. Oh yes, you are spirit made manifest, here with great purpose, blessed with heartful wisdom. Will you express it? Your expression offers the world a precious gift. It is delightful to assist the beatifying of your energy patterns; your brighter energy alters your path to match its newer, higher, finer vibration. If you adopt this as a part of your daily practice, your mind and heart become lighter, more lucid and aware. The pen and paintbrush are in your hands Wise One, what story do you choose to create for yourself? What magnificent work of art do you choose to paint? Listening within is beautiful, assisting you to be within an authentic relationship with yourself, your fears, doubts, courage, joy... all is there. Listening is powerful; your ability to listen is greatly heightened when there is the commitment from reaction to response. This simple healing tool continues to assist your exquisite unfoldment during this life span. Your inner guides and creates your outer. What was unconscious becomes conscious, and you enter a most powerful place. Your relationship patterns, those with yourself and with others, as well as your relationships to home, work, friendships and life become clearer. As with any new skill it simply takes your commitment and peaceful practice. We lovingly reassure you to have patience; your skills can then become further refined. Listening is a graceful art, one that goes hand in hand with skillful communication. The desire to be open and honest with others and to welcome them to do the same is indeed blessed., A sacred invitation. . You are a way-shower, a blessing to the world. Listening can have profound healing effects within relationships. It also gives birth to new harmonious relationships and an ever-deepening respect for life. Your passion is no longer submerged by heaviness, your life force energy may flow, and your enjoyment and appreciation of each other is no longer hidden beneath sadness, shame, frustration or unawareness. During your interactions with your fellow, brothers and sisters you have the ability to communicate on numerous levels. Assisted by your gift of listening, refined by listening to your inner source self, you become available to receive that which others have to share. When you are present with the speaker you may begin to receive the vibrations and resonances which are beneath the words. You begin to pick up on the unspoken emotions, desires and intentions, assisting your sensitivity to truth. Sweet Ones, allow your compassion to deepen for your fellow beings. They are discovering themselves, as are you. We gently remind you that judgements only sever and cloud your awareness once again. To help you to feel more vibrant and at home within your world and embrace it with deeper passion, We encourage you to free your voice. We see that for many, drawing and painting is your key. It opens your flow assisting your surrender to your source self. Allow your newly released expression to flow into your words. If you feel a tightness in your throat, breathe the powerfully harmonizing essence of love into it. For others, simply begin to speak your inner thoughts aloud, this may be to Us or to others. It is the expression that is needed. If there are tears, let them come, it is most cleansing for you. If there is excitement, let if flow. We simply guide you not to hold back, but to feel the compassion for yourself and all of life. Be free in your expression, and do not judge yourself. Wise One, it need not be daunting to begin to speak your inner thoughts and feelings. You are of no less value and importance than any other. We love you dearly, and we support you completely. We reassure you and encourage all your heartfelt truthful expressions, in all their glory. It is spiritually and emotionally freeing. It empowers your sense of self and enhances your growth, undoing the pattern of interrupted energy flow throughout your being. You need not hold back. Keeping your Divine self small dose not serve your purpose, your higher way of being. Let your magic flow. Unleash your inner being. You are on your path to self- mastery, your soul shining within you, and yet it shines back through ‘time’ guiding your way. If you truly understand the amount of support that is available to you, you would laugh heartily and live fearlessly. We assure you that you will become more comfortable with this simpler way of being and of living. Simply ask Us to assist you Beloved, as we are ready and eager to do so. We stand by your side as you express yourself, your soul, your gifts and assist in fortifying your resolve. Placing your hand upon your heart will guide you, our Divine One. Bless your self with love. There is much power within you; your courage is there, ready to be uncovered for some, and for others to shine brighter. When honouring yourself enough to commit to truth, you bless the world with your freedom, grace and presence. Channelled by Katie Speed Copyright Katie Speed