Know that you are loved now and forever more. Nothing can alter that most fundamental truth. We know that at times life feels harsh and you find yourself longing for sweet release, using what you can to escape that which you do not wish to feel or remember. Many feel lost, longing, stuck, yet please know this: you are so much more than you ever dreamed possible. Dear One, you are purity itself. Yes, purity! No matter what your judgments are, your experience of this shall always remain so. You are beautiful, divine, an eternal soul that can overcome anything. You are a divine alchemist; you have the gift of true transformation lying within you.

You are an adventurous soul, born upon this earth, a place where you can access a vast spectrum of experiences, which trigger a vast spectrum of emotions. We see that you have plunged into the depths emotion that can take you; at times you have forgotten that you are not the emotions you feel, or the thoughts that precede them. Indeed not, Divine One, you are infinitely more… who you really are beyond measure. You are a beautiful being of light, living within a physical plane. A part of you remembers what it was like to soar high in the realms of blissful Love, a part of you longs for it once again. At the core, you are seeking soul fulfilment. You are seeking true freedom and liberation, to soar as a bird. This need not be a painful ache looking for instant relief. With the release of your old ways and with trust, the same soul longing is a mighty guide, for it can lead you to a more joyous and fulfilling life.

We witness myriad stories, lives unfolding in a variety of ways… let us assist you on each and every step of your journey. Many of Our Dear Ones no longer trust themselves, believing that they are deeply untrustworthy; not understanding that this very belief keeps them trapped. The unconscious seeks to prove your beliefs validly and you partake in means that do not honour your soul. There is power in knowing this! Simply becoming aware is a powerful step. You can choose to change this belief. We remind you: you are abundantly loved, you are worthy of love, you are more than you know. Come now, together let us plant a new seed; a seed of trust of your divine self… Water it throughout your mornings, afternoons, evening and nights. Alter your inner dialogue to support this newly forming trusting you; bring in daily acts of kindness to help ground and support you throughout your life. Fully acknowledge each act of self-kindness and let this assist you’re healing of wounds. This heals the divide within.

Be at ease, you are infinitely stronger than you realize. We encourage you to open to self-compassion, when you are in pain or confusion, it is love, compassion and support that you need– not doubt or self-disgust. You are loved; we will never leave you, and will help you to recognize the truth of who you are. Open to us…as we are always open to you.

We hear that you may now ask, ‘how do we open to you?’ You need only surrender that which stands between you and joy, lack of forgiveness of yourself, and lack of forgiveness of others. The anger, the confusion within you hurts, does it not? We wish to help you, to soothe away your pain and assure you that you do not ‘need’ that which you think you need. For many, we remind you that when you see another in pain, you are kinder to them than you are to your dear sweet self. The tenderness you feel can be extended to yourself also– this is most healing for you. A soothing balm. Allow what once was to melt away. You are here and we are with you.

You are a unique expression of Love. Each time you are kind and support yourself, we ask that you acknowledge this! It creates and supports your changing patterns, allows yourself to feel the beauty and importance of your step, each and every time. . Smile, laugh, or cry…. express what is needed! For many we encourage you to move, sway, dance, play. Moving assists you in shifting your perspective. Your newness is then in need of your awareness to help you to grow into your intentions of a clearer, more free you.
Dear One, you may feel an aching hunger throughout your life, and seek to instantaneously change your feelings. We easily reassure you that You Are the Beloved, We are here to assist your freeing of self and the return to an authentic, powerful, loving connection. These feelings need not come from an artificial source. Your very being is always connected to All That Is; you have simply forgotten the immaculate truth of your existence. You are safe; you need not hide from yourself, your hurts or your potential. We are here to help you move through the illusion that you are restricted or trapped to continue patterns that you have been within. Let us ask that you be gentle with your sweet self. You show others how to treat you with your example of how you treat yourself. No judgments are needed here. We invite you to see yourself through our eyes; to see the sweet one before us now. Forgive yourself by beginning to understand that you are simply looking for love and fulfilment. Accept your dear sweet self and forgive any hurt that you have suffered; you do not need to continue to exist ‘there’ and now, it tires and confuses you, overlaying a new experience with the old. Call yourself back and begin to embrace your dear self today, fresh, pure, and new.

Our Sweet One, sometimes you feel overwhelmed by choices, resistance to life, and daunted by the great responsibilities and decisions that lie in your hands. Many of our loved ones distract themselves with ways that do not truly serve them well. Ways that do not serve their highest self. Beloved, it is a time of blessed freedom; we see that it does not bring lasting liberation… only illusions of self recrimination and restriction. In truth you cannot be anything other than worthy of infinite love and unbridled support. You are love and you are loved. You are worthy, you do indeed have courage to start that which you have hidden from… you need avoid any longer. In these moments when you move to distract yourselves, what is it you truly desire? Be curious, honest with yourself and dare to stay present and listen to your inner call.

All of us feel a great desire for connection. So Receive and reaffirm your connection with the divine by accepting deep love.

For many, we see that it is time to reach out to your fellow beings. It is time for you to connect with others, to ask for help. You need not heal alone. There are many blessed with the life purpose of helping the healing of addictions, whatever the form. Reach for them so that you are all blessed with their purposeful work. You assist them in meeting their calling when you do so– Two calls are then answered, and this ripples both inwardly and outwardly. We remind you not to concern yourself as you have in the past… as you feel as though you have disappointed or failed, let us start again. Always remember you do not walk alone. Nurture the sparkle of patience within yourself so that you become a dear and loving friend to yourself; breathe away thoughts that tell yourself that this cannot be so. Old patterns that have worked to cause you pain are breaking away. Allow them to .be released. You need not strengthen them by retracing your steps; all is and will be well.
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We see that some of you feel that you have disappointed us too much… too many times to open to our love. This can never be so. You are the beloved; our love for you is pure and unconditional. We see beyond your misperceptions to the innocence and beauty of your inner being. You cannot burn away your bridges to us, as our love for you is eternal.

At times, dear one, you may feel that you must fight for survival, that you were born into a harsh, uncaring world. It is you dearest one that we now speak to. Request our protection and know that we bring it. Release thoughts that tell you otherwise, creating a beautiful nurturing space for your love and trust to grow and flourish. We are here to assist you to feel strong within yourself and strong within the world. You have unlimited resources within you, strength is only one of them. Breathe in thoughts of strength and believe in your dear self, and then release on your exhale. We ask, what does self-strength look like to you? Picture it, empower it with graceful love, and allow your tension to release and unravel. Feel yourself relaxing, growing brighter and brighter, Allow this light to flow into spaces of darkness, healing and filling you with the beauty of love. It is a time for newness, for transformation; let old decisions and affirmations you have previously made fall way, allow illusions to fall knowing that the true you could never fall. . You need not hold on to that which hurts you through fear. Ask us to do so and we will breathe through you the energy of strength in waves that you can most easily adjust to. Know that the healing we bring, the return, enters from the higher realms through you. It infuses and soothes you. With your surrender to that which is creates the space for what can now be. Open to us, as our love is replenishing to your being. We will work to dissolve all that you do not need for a joyous and loving life. Sit with us often; let this be a part of our time together.

We see how close you are to discovering new depths of your being. You are becoming aware of your unlimited potential and the magnificent creations that you may bring forth. You need not hide from your wondrous self, replacing your feeling of blissful possibility and success with distraction and a sense of failure. Welcome this newly emerging way of being, when you feel the creative energy, enjoy this feeling and allow it to flow through you… what newness does this energy call you to do… paint? Draw? Write? Dance? Sing? Play? Study? Move? Allow this energy to carry you, to flow out in the ways that feel magical! This will connect you with your greater purpose. What joy! What fulfilment! How wondrous you are! You are equal to every other being upon the earth and most worthy of all you create. You were born to be all that you can be. We support you in connecting with your heart-self, allowing your sense of success to stream through all areas of your life, creating an inner unity of self and loving connections with others. You have true permission to be happy in all areas of your life. We laugh and say you already have it! It is your birth right.

There is joy in letting go, relaxing and releasing into the beauty of you. We invite you to create more time for relaxation. What authentically relaxes you? Allowing yourself to be nurtured? Spending time in the forest near trees… resting upon grass… lying on a beach near the gentle waves… listening to peaceful music… painting… planting… listening to the beautiful bird song…. being cherished by friends or family…. Allow yourselves to gently lengthen these experiences, one free moment at a time. Feel free to indulge in them! Let yourself explore the many ways you can naturally settle into yourself, nourishing and completely replenishing your being.

We are here to guide you, help you to make new choices, to nurture and empower yourself in new ways. You are most deserving of a joyful life… let your life express love.