We see that at times many of our Dear Ones struggle with focus, getting easily distracted from that which they deeply feel drawn to do. We bring reassuring news to those who feel lost and frustrated with themselves; to those that wonder why this is so, mistakenly labelling themselves as ‘unfocused.’ We encourage you to release the labels you or others have placed on you. Are you aware of the labels and beliefs that you are currently holding? Writing down your view of yourself can be very illuminating, as you can then see those beliefs that are untrue, out-dated, and encourage feelings of weakness. You can also identify the beliefs that strengthen you, support you, and empower you on your path. . So then, why not bridge the gap between you and your feelings of lostness– by reaching out and loving these parts of yourself, bringing a much needed inner unity.

Remember, Dear One, you are vast, divine, and you need not be restricted. Being identified or labelled as Lazy, lost, unfocused and other negative attributes can actually shape your entire path. Your life follows the course of your beliefs. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. . Identifying and labelling your ‘lack of focus’ expends a great deal of your energy, commitment and even focus, as your mind finds ways to live out this belief, darting here and there. It obeys your direction and looks for instant distraction. Many minds hungers for momentary fulfilment. Have you noticed that pattern of being easily swayed, and at times, controlled by the outside world? We encourage you to release the labels that hold you within uninspiring cycles. Let us be clear and say that there is no need to feel harsh towards your delightful self t every experience presented to you has the opportunity to enrich your soul’s path, if you let it. So let us assist you in finding more joyous ways to do so.

All is well, your mind can be a mighty tool for you to use. Your mind has the capacity to be brilliant and productive, a valuable servant to your path. We smile as we remind you that it is not the mind’s purpose to rule you, or take over your way of being. You are an eternal being of light with the possibility of being limitless. What better place to begin afresh than this very moment? It is wondrous in each moment you may set a new intention, a new tone and live anew. Each moment holds the possibility of a new start.

Be at ease, Dear Child. The thoughts that serve to hold you back are of your ego, frightened aspects of your personalities in need of love. They are not of your true self; your true self knows its intrinsic worth. Your true self knows that it is limitless, equal to every other, an important and vital part of the whole. We smile as we remind you that it is a pleasure for us to help you more fully embrace the glory of YOU. Your true inner self is not hidden from you. Your inner guide will always communicate with you and indeed loves to do so. It may be through feelings of disquiet or unrest to help show the path you are in need of addressing; choices that need to be looked at with clear, fresh eyes.

To many we remind that to help you to refocus, you would benefit most by greatly. Lavishing yourself in special attention. Acceptance, self-trust goes a long way on the path. Consciously allow your trust to grow and flourish within you. Know that /you are trustworthy, taking more steps each day to demonstrate this. Cultivate these qualities daily, nightly, and weekly, creating a new relationship with yourself and a new way to live. The size of the steps does not matter. All that matters is that you take them. Even baby steps count. You can be dedicated- allow yourselves to show that you are. We remind you to laugh, play, and enjoy the sweetness of life. Reawaken your love for you, for live itself. Remember the times when you have felt proud of yourself. Allow these feelings to flow through you. From this space of connected empowerment, feel them, the truth of them, stand tall and BE the declaration that is so. The truth beneath the any of your feelings needs to be fully felt. Then you will begin to believe it. The truth within must be fully felt so that it can expand, realigning your energy with beautiful healing, heartening and empowering light.

Show yourself that you are trustworthy…. bring yourself into the moment so that you are aware of each decision you make. This will help the energy of focus within you to strengthen, assisting you to move, feel, think, and create in new higher brighter ways.

For others, we see that at present, you do not know where to place your focus. Some are easily distracted looking, searching the outer world. If you should find yourself aware of a subtle sense of wrongness with your current circumstances, or when you are presented with a choice, it may be that it is not for your higher good or greater happiness. Be aware of these subtle cues from within. Sometimes we see that to help you to ‘cope’ with these feelings that filter through to you, you seek outside distraction to give you an instant lift, cluttering your minds, and drowning out your soul’s communication. Have you found that your distractions do not lead you to a sense of fulfilment? We smile and say– let us assist the clearing and strengthening of your intention. What does your inner self desire? Pay attention to its whispers. This is where your gifts, your talents, your greatest feelings of joy will come from. This is your great adventure; you may choose your path knowing that we are always here to guide you. We would not take away from you the gift of discovery, yet we guide you to its unfolding. We encourage you not to be afraid that you may make the ‘wrong’ choices. All paths lead home. Let this knowing comfort and uplift you. Let this knowing give you confidence on your path.

What better time to start to release, creating space and opportunity for you to feel your own inner guide. The desire to discover and to focus is highest when it arises naturally from within. The desire calls to you and needs to fulfil its self. Allow yourselves to deeply relax. Let your discoveries and then choices spring from within. Trust yourself. Ask your sweet self what it is that you would love to do… do not judge your answers, simply allow them to arise. We smile and invite you to close your eyes and touch your heart tenderly with your hand, and invite your soul to show you its visions, desires or intentions. Be curious and alert to your own inner world, and open through your hearts to your soul’s daydream…. perhaps you see it?… feel it?… sense it?… hear it? Many of our dear ones find it more helpful to attune to their heart space, before insights pour forth. In truth, this can be a most refreshing, enlightening, and rewarding daily or weekly practice.

We ask: what are your new intentions? Listen, and ponder deeply. Focusing on goodness, service, and loving assistance creates a strong foundation on which you can grow from. On this clear heart-awakened foundation, it is easier for your intentions to stay, pure, further supporting your focus and joy. So then, where is your newly placed focus and plans? How can you implement them into your lives? Once again, be creative and allow your answers to arise from your core. We support you in your new heart-centred choices.
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The past is done, you are here now, and this is where your true power lies. You can acknowledge old distractions with a smile, if they come up, without engaging with them…. and you can refocus on your acts of service and your connection to the whole. We delight in assuring you that you are powerful enough to do so. One of the many beauties of living this way is that you honour all parts of self. Life is always moving, changing, and expressing itself in new and diverse ways. See how it is never too late to change. Everything is in a continual stand of flux and fluidity. We are here to help and support your choices, assisting you to harmoniously flow with the natural rhythm of life.

Channelled by Katie Speed
Copyright Katie Speed