How loved you are! We see you so clearly and we delight in the beauty of you. We see that you yearn to believe in your beauty, and be free from the illusory feelings of low self-esteem. It brings us great joy to know that you are ready to release these chains. It does not feel comfortable and natural to be burdened by feelings of unworthiness, as it does not reflect your true self. We delight in helping you to uncover your inner brilliance your divine truth, and help you to open to deeper levels of self-love. You are deserving of love; it is your true essence. Love is who you are. Accepting this as truth expands your capacity to allow joy in your life and assists your path of awakening and Ascension.

During the span of your life, through interpreting your experiences, you began to believe that you were of little value, when in truth this simply cannot be so. Let us give you surety that low self- esteem is a collection of confused beliefs and emotions. It is not who you are. It is akin to wearing a cloak of doubts and believing that the cloak is you.

We are here to assist you in releasing this cloak, revealing the truth of your exquisite beauty. Beneath the cloak your splendour shines as bright as the sun. We encourage you to let this be a most perfect time to release the past, to release all that speaks of hurt and pain. We gently remind you that no other can make you feel any given way without triggering an already held belief. [[You may want to mention something like– In this way, people around you help to uncover your own beliefs.]] We gently assure you that the words and actions others have expressed need not affect you so. Acceptance of times of hurt, acceptance of your wounded self can assist your opening to greater wells of compassion. Also be aware that there is no need to jump to forgiveness, as it bypasses the very hurt that calls out for love’s soothing balm. Instead, open to your inner self, release your life, listen to your inner call, and respond with love. Being this way supports inner unity, and your ability to surrender into the vast freedom of love. There is no need for blame of us or of you. Why not keep only that which empowers your being, and surrender all else to us? We see that for many of our beloved children simply repeating the sweet words ‘I surrender, I surrender,’ [italics]] greatly unburdens their hearts and minds. We invite you to do the same. You can step right into your light with the confidence and assurance of LOVE. We are aware that this may feel like too great a shift for you, yet we easily assure you that it is not. You are born within a time of great miracles. You live and breathe within a field of miracles. Allow miracles to enter you, to bless your life in ever-expansive ways.

To carry in your mind and heart mistaken images of flaws and weakness is to turn away from your magnificent beauty and deny your own light. Take heart Dear One; we are with you now as you listen and read, patiently inviting you to open to us. We continually support your awakening, never intruding upon your free will. We simply invite, with love. With your acceptance of our invitation, we may be of greater assistance.

Precious One, you are the heart of your experience. We see that at times you do not feel able to accept yourself. We smile and gently remind you that this non-acceptance is actually resistance to your own vast unlimited potential. When there is acceptance of self there is no inner conflict. Accepting yourself on all levels is greatly soothing and liberating. Accepting that you are indeed beautiful, worthy and deserving of respect is deeply healing and beautifully self-affirming. It creates space for you to flourish and develop other hidden aspects of your being. The truth is you are Perfection incarnate. Your Soul is mighty and shines within you– and the more you are accepting of this, the more space you give your Soul to flourish. You need not do anything to show that you are worthy of love. You ARE worthy and eternally remain so. You need not speak words that do you a disservice.

Listening to your inner dialogue, your inner self talk can help to show you why the painful pattern of feeling low about your dear sweet self remains. Becoming aware of your words directed to your self allows you then to choose, replacing them with ones that lift your heart and inspire your being. This is akin to a course correction. How delightful! Yes, you can adjust the course you are on at any moment; each moment is a new beginning. It is up to you, and no other.

We see that there are times when you feel hurt, exhausted and experience illness from overly extending your precious self to be of assistance to others. You need not overly tire yourself to be of service. Let Us help you become clearer of that which honours all involved. To restore the harmony within you and your life, we encourage you to de-clutter your sweet self. It is most helpful to begin with yourself, as you may then see more clearly. Look within your heart and ask if your commitments, intentions, and responsibilities are in accordance with the higher good of yourself and the other. Then relax, open, sense, and listen to your heart’s responses. Ask your heart to show you what to release, what to surrender. Once you are aware, you are in a more beautiful powerful place– one that requires either recommitting or releasing. Move into and with your heart’s wisdom, and be at ease, knowing that everyone is as worthy as you are. Some changes may be called for. Delight in these changes. There is no need to feel sorrow, as they lead to brighter paths. Remember that only love is eternal, nothing else was meant to remain changeless. Changes prompt opportunities for new growth. Take heart, and know these changes will only bring goodness.

Beloved, there is much splendour blazing within you, you need no longer fear its absence. To the depth of your being– you are magnificence! We warmly assure you that you are great indeed; there is nothing that you are lacking… only deeper levels of your being awaiting to emerge. Give your being the space to emerge. You hold sparkling treasures within you, give yourself permission to discover them, share them, and delight as you embark on your new relationship with yourself. Inquire within, be curious as to what your soul wishes to express through you, what it is drawn to become. Befriend patience and let your self-discovery be a most rewarding adventure, honouring the special beauty of your unique self. Many feel as though they do not fit in, yet there are those that would readily welcome you… Let this begin by welcoming yourself. You are here to shine. And when you welcome yourself, it invites others to do the same.

Others have avoided looking within as they fear that their unhappiness would overwhelm them. Dear one, it is safe to listen to your needs. We are here… if there are tears let them flow, we are and will remain with you. We will comfort you through your pain. Tears are deeply cleansing. Allow your healing to be in which ever way is most natural for you, knowing, trusting that we hold you in love. You are not alone when you journey deep within. As you delve within, you may begin by speaking with trusted others who may assist you, yet know only YOU can enter your inner world of truth. Your essence is love… should you move beyond the layers of hurt, only love is what you shall find buried beneath.

At times you may hide your sweet self away, feeling too unworthy to be a part of a greater whole. Gentle one, these are the thoughts and mistaken beliefs that call out for healing; let Us assist in their transmutations so that they are no longer a part of your energy patterns. We smile and say that they hold no substance of truth.

You are returning to truth, awakening from doubts so that you can live and create with greater levels of joy. The world needs you, accepting yourself opens you to that call. We guide you, our dear beloved, to be willing to open to bright new possibilities, clearer truths and lucid insights. Your willingness opens a door where new light may enter. It flows to your core, soothing your very being. You are creating a freer you, a you that is a clearer reflection of your radiance. With your willingness, you are opening to experience greater levels of love, joy, and freedom.

As an empowering and indeed a transformative gift to yourself, we encourage you to simply become aware of hurtful thoughts and any unkind memories as they arise. Your unconscious experiences them as happening now. (Italics) Your body responds by tensing and you begin to contract. Breathe, Beloved, simply breathe. We see that during these times and throughout your day your breath becomes so shallow. Breathing this way creates a sense of fear and wrongness. You begin to search for reasons why and mistaken beliefs that you are at fault. We see no fault within or around you. We see your misunderstandings through to your purity at heart. Breathe deeply and allow your breath to free you. Breathe yourself back into expansiveness. We gladly remind you that you are just as important, just as loved as every other. We joyfully remind you that following this guidance creates space for your deeper reason and purpose for being here to shine brighter.

It is a most wondrous and perfect time to release old patterns, clearing your inner mirror. We guide you to say a kind ‘thank you’ to any unhelpful or negative thoughts as they arise. This may sound curious to you, but by saying thank you and being a welcoming space, this brings them into your hearts and allows the great transformative power to evolve them. Let your own thoughts be as kindling to your heart’s flame. With patience Beloved, this will greatly enhance the light of your self esteem, uplifting your life to reflect this. Let it be a game, an adventure, and continue to play throughout the stages of your awakening. You are becoming an observer of truth, you can more clearly see that as they surface, they are simply fears lacking in love. You are not your thoughts; the cloak is not you. Know that you need not fight them or believe in them. Let this affirm to you that they are not you, that you are not your thoughts or your mind… You are far grander. You are a brilliant being!

We see that it would be of greater help for you to become aware of hurtful and regretful thoughts as they surface, and then let them go. Let Us remind you of the importance of non-attachment; let them go without allowing them to influence you. Switch your thoughts to those which inspire you and playfully laugh at the illusion of you being less than wondrous. Let us again lovingly reassure you of your exquisite light.

We see that with your de-cluttering and freeing, you enhance your sense of inner joy and personal power. Precious Ones, you are a part of the whole, that which affects one affects all. To honour your needs you bless the world with your steps towards ascension. It is time to say a gentle yet firm ‘no’ to the jobs, chores, responsibilities, and favours that continually deplete your sense of well-being. You can release any obligations are not born from love. It is time to view your life with your inner eye of wisdom… allow your inner knowing to guide you. We ask, is it your approach that is in need of addressing? Or is it times to let the jobs favours, and obligations go? We see that times of transition follow. We encourage patience and encourage you to stand in your newness.

Resist temptation to slip back into the old, yet be kind to yourself if you find that this is so. Know that you will stumble at times, and be gentle with yourself. Your kindness will assist you in stepping back into a clearer you, empowering your sense of self to make the changes you know you must make for a purposeful, happy, fulfilling life. You are a minister of love, here to share love, create, explore and enjoy your adventure. Be a teacher of truth by staying true to yourself. You inspire others by doing so. We are here to assist you to rise, beloved, rise and stand in the certainty of your Divinity. We are here to aid you in all ways, always.

Choose the qualities that you now wish to increase. Let Us share with you but a few precious qualities: peace, love, joy, serenity, bliss, focus, confidence, freedom. You are all of this, and more! Each of these qualities are like gold within you, they are simply waiting for you to reveal them. Choose sweet ones, the quality you are ready to increase, you may like to begin by brining to mind all the times you have been aware of you chose qualities presence, and delight in it, we readily assist you in your brilliant becoming.