We see that many of our Dear Ones hold such vast amounts of love that they deeply long to share with a little one. The love that you are, that you hold is beautiful and rich. We honour all that you are. Some feel an aching disappointment, frustration and hurt within their sweet selves, yearning to hold a little one within their arms, enveloped in the beauty of paternal and maternal love. Let Us speak to you words of love and ask that you embrace yourself now more than ever before. The more fully you can embrace the innocence and beauty of you, the more open you are to welcome blessings into your lives.

Your body is a magnificent creation; there is much light shining within you. You are truly a being of light made manifest. You are a precious miracle, so much more than you know. We see that your love is great and all-encompassing. We wish to reassure you that nothing is being withheld from you… Let Us be clear and put any misplaced fears to rest. You are never punished by us, we love you so deeply, and could never look upon you with eyes of ‘blame;’ nor would we withhold any blessings from you.

We honour your body as it is through your physical form that you react and interact with the world. You are perfect, each and every one of you. Your body is perfect no matter your judgements of physical appearance… how could you not be? You are a divine creation. Each form is uniquely bestowed with beauty. Do you love the body that your Soul has chosen? It is indeed perfect for you and your life. Dear one, treat your body lovingly, honour your dear form, for it houses your very Soul. Your body is the sacred temple of your Soul. Fulfil the needs of your body assists you in feeling comfortable and confident within your form… this deepens and extends your greater connection with the world.

Throughout the tapestry of your life, you have experienced much assistance to create the magnificent you that is here now. So, we ask: how do you see yourself? Do you know how delightful you are on all levels? The cells of your being can be accessed as gateways to infinite love, yet they can also hold within them any unhealed hurts that you have experienced throughout your life on earth. Let Us create new waves of love, flow and freedom within you, igniting the healing you crave, soothing the wounds, unifying all that is fragmented. Release all that speaks of shame, share your love and compassion with yourself; have kindness towards all you have been though; release all notions that you are undeserving of love– for these negative thoughts flow from you and return to you, keeping these uncomfortable feelings present. Dear Heart, be kinder to yourself on all levels, release the harsh judgements, the ‘cannots’ or the ‘I’m failing,’ for they hold you in a space of restriction. Again, we delight in reminding you: You are more than you know. Share the love that you are abounding with. Share it with yourself. Share it with others. Share it with the world.

We remind you of the beauty of your infinitely creative self. You can choose a new way of being, NOW. Chose a new way to see yourself and what is possible for you. Know that yes, you are important. What has been in the past need not linger, as life continues to change and flow. As you release that which hinders you, the old thoughts, memories and beliefs, this surrender alters your course of life, harmonizing you with your heart’s desires. Be open to infinite possibilities. Celebrate life, celebrate your precious life, creating a beautifully loving place to live in and create from. Let Us help you to manifest new waves of sweet healing, joyous imaginings, flow and freedom. You are loved so dearly and hold tremendous power within you. We see that it is time to look back upon the parts of your life that has caused you pain, for you have grown in strength and wisdom, even though you may have forgotten this is so. Take a moment to appreciate all the little ways you have beautifully evolved. Let Us assist you in healing ignored hurts, unleashing soothing ripple effects in all directions of time. You are beautiful. Invite us close and we will gently assist you with your process of bringing forth new light into old memories, acknowledging what has been ignored, with your wise and loving mature eyes of today. Let this new view help you to lay the past to rest, so that it is no longer a part of your Now. We are here to help you in all ways; it is time to make peace and open. We are open to you.

We see that you, dear Beloved, would benefit most greatly with the gift of your nurturing. The natural gentleness and affection that you so freely bestow upon others does light up their lives– we bow our heads in honour of you. Yet, we see that you often overlook your own self. Do not withhold your own tenderness from you; it has the power and ability to bring much realignment, inner healing and open you to new pathways of possibilities. Ground your nurturing energy into your being, so that it flows from a strong connection with yourself and the earth mother. Treat yourself as kindly, as lovingly and as reassuringly and encouragingly as you would a little one. Look upon yourself as you would look upon an innocent child. There are many benefits to this including undoing ‘blocks’ and releasing old energy to be replaced with the fresh and new. It transmutes the past, empowers the present, and enlivens the future with the power of your love and intention, assisting the full integration of all that you have learned. Be in the wondrous now, when moments of creation happen. Remind yourself often of your true worth; listen to the whispers of your heart should your find yourself going astray.

Your energy responds to your own thoughts, to your own beliefs. Believe in the more of you, belief in miracles on all levels, with a sweet knowing that all is well. If you have been harsh upon yourself it is of no consequence. Simply let it go, and be at ease. Embrace your self as fully and as lovingly as you would a child. You are of no less deserving of your own love, patience and support. Ask yourself often what your needs are. Hold dear the special moments where you open your heart and mind to the many delights a child would bring; allow these moments to hold only the energy of love and joy– assisting it to come Into being.

We see that treatments that take a holistic approach would serve you very well indeed. What do you feel drawn to? Gently ask yourself this question, and listen quietly within. There are many gifted healers in their chosen field, ready to assist you. Is it time to seek them out and avail yourself of their gifts. For many, we say YES, this would be helpful. We guide you not to hold back with yourself in this time of healing. There are many valuable resources available for you. For many, writing your innermost thoughts and feelings and experiences will help you to express anything that was held tight within, helping it to become clearer and more spacious. We see diaries, journals, articles and books. Express, beloved, express! Paint, draw, dance, and create! We are aware that for you, it is also a time of colour… surround yourself in colour, be creative. Wear colour that lifts your emotions… wrap yourself in blankets of colour, breathe in the energetic light of each colour. These important steps help your energy bodies to ignite, attuning you to healing, receptivity and flow.

See the many blessing within your life, for it gladdens the heart so, strengthens its light and power to give and receive. Healing on all levels happen each and every moment. Miracles are abounding! This process is as gentle as opening to your new life, there is no limit or restriction here… laugh and open to receive by expanding your sense of heart-centered self.

We look upon the earth, and see that there are many ‘saviours’ amongst you. There are children that do not have a family, a home to call their own, and they long to be reached out to, to be with you. These ‘saviours welcome a little one into their hearts and home through adoption, fostering, and other forms of care. Through opening their home, heart and love, these saviours are saved themselves. Divine healing bonds are formed. There are unexpected avenues of delight. This is a possibility for you. Yet to you also, beloved, we stay true to all that we have said. There is no greater way to step into your maternal and paternal love than seeing yourself with love, kindness, compassion, and gladness. Each coming together is a blessing and a gift. We thank you for gracing the world with your presence and the unspoken intentions of your heart.

Dear one, you are free from blame, so gift yourself with joy by playing, dancing, laughing, painting, singing and freeing yourselves into fun. You are a gift, THE GIFT… why not have fun lightening your very being? Ah, yes, where there is lightness, tension releases and you once again feel at exquisite peace with being you.

Channelled by Katie Speed
Copyright Katie Speed